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A Perfect Guide To Earning More From Your Vacation Rental

Did you know that in the United States alone, short-term vacation rentals are earning $18,026,000,000 in revenue.? While $18 billion is a substantial amount, revenue is anticipated to continue growing at a rate of 2.5% each year for the next few years and beyond.

What does this mean for you as a potential property owner? It means you picked the right business to be in for making money!

While the thought of purchasing a cute little fixer-upper in a dream location and renting it out to dream vacationers is a fun one, what motivated you the most to begin this venture? It’s probably the thought of earning yourself a good income.

So how do you go from the idea of renting out a vacation property… to actually doing it? Is there a way to make certain you make a healthy profit, rather than lose your investment? What are the things that make all the difference to renters who will leave positive reviews and return to rent from you over and over again?

Grand Welcome Franchise answers all these questions and many more with our go-to guide for starting your own successful vacation rental business. Follow the six steps below thoroughly, and you will find the income you’re after!

Open a Vacation Rental Business

Prior to jumping right in and purchase a property to fix up and rent out, there is a good deal of preparation that has to be made in order to make it work. You must write up a vacation rental business plan, review and understand all the vacation rental rights and laws, undergo a vacation rental property management checklist, and understand how to prepare your house for rent.

Starting a Vacation Rental Business

Knowing how to start a vacation rental business in a way that almost guarantees success is indispensable knowledge. So whatever you do, don’t start your own property letting business without thoroughly understanding every step in this guide.

First of all, it is important to gather a team of professionals that will be on your side. You’ll want the following, all well versed in issues related specifically to vacation properties:

  • A realtor to offer real estate insights
  • A lawyer to give legal advice
  • An accountant to answer the money questions
  • An insurance agent to make sure you’re covered
  • A cleaning and maintenance team that will keep your guests happy
  • A listing platform with unprecedented benefits and impeccable service

A Vacation Rental Property Business Plan

A short-term rental business plan gives yourself (and others on your team) a framework from which you’ll work. It will help you understand:

  • The industry in general
  • Your company
  • Your opponents
  • Your customers

Analyzing each of these areas can allow you to prioritize your goals and think of a strategy for success.

  • Legal terms
  • Tax laws
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Rules
  • Rights of owners and rights of guests

Again, having a trusted team of professionals backing you up is applicable so that you don’t find yourself having accidentally broken the law.

Vacation Rental Inspection Checklist

Next up, it’s time to create and review your vacation rental inspection checklist. This will act as a record of the state of your property before it’s rented to guests. This helps to make sure your property is ready to be used, and also helps assess damages should you will need to make a claim to your insurance company after a guest checks out.

This list can include inspecting items such as entrance, appliances, electronics, safety measures, furniture, etc..

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Amazing Tips On Improving Your Vacation Rental Business

Have you always wanted to start your own vacation rental business, or are you looking to increase your current vacation rental business in 2020?! Look no further. We are going to go over everything you need to know to take your vacation rental to the next level!

The vacation rental industry is growing and changing; so should your Vacation Rental business. In 2019, the vacation rental market in the US showed earnings of more than $17 Billion!

Experts say that by 2023, revenue could grow to early $19.5 Billion. Isn’t that AMAZING?!

Here are a few ways that can help you earn a piece of the pie.

Are You Treating Your Vacation Rental Business Like A Hotel?

Research has found that vacation rentals are becoming more popular to travelers than ordinary hotels. That doesn’t mean that we, as hosts, nevertheless can’t learn a lot from the way hotels operate.

Travelers are more likely to remember their trip if they feel happy and excited about it, even before it begins. So it’s all about offering your guests a great experience.

Start by sending them a welcome message and include a manual with recommendations for restaurants and things to do in the area. 9/10 occasions, guests staying at short-term rentals want to experience life as a local.

Who doesn’t love a nice present? This is the part where you can get creative. You may want to leave your visitors a local specialty like a bottle of wine, some snacks, or even a little souvenir to remind them of their wonderful stay at your property. It is a small gesture, but it is going to make a massive difference to your guests and may even enable you to get that 5-star review.

Why Should You Include A Welcome Book For Your Vacation Rental?

Ever wondered about creating a Welcome Book for your guests? Your Book will serve as a guide for your guests during their stay. It will inform the guests of the house rules and everything that’s available to them during their stay.

Does your property have a few quirks? You’re not alone. Every property does! Let your guests know where the hard-to-find light switches are, which remote is the one that actually turns on the television, and info about that 1 burner on the stove that gets way too hot. And bear in mind, although most of these things are common knowledge to you, your guests will have no idea.

They can get frustrated when searching to find the answers. Make it as easy as possible for them! Your Welcome Book is the perfect outlet for descriptions, instructions, pictures, and all the rules your guests should follow during their stay. Just make sure you keep it short, fun, organized, and easy to read.

Do You Use Smart-Home Technology At All Of Your Properties?

Haven’t jumped onto the smart-home train yet?! Well, it’s about time that you do so! Smart-home technology devices are a MUST for every vacation rental owner in 2020! Not only are they adding more value to your property (highly appreciated by your guests), but they serve as a security for your property, to make managing a vacation rental business so much easier.

Smart locks are a simple way to make your guests life a breeze. They are currently revolutionizing how property managers and homeowners keep their guests happy. No one has to worry about losing a key again! With smart locks, all our guests have to do is look at their phones and type in the provided key. It is that effortless!

Ever considered using Noise Monitoring at your property? NoiseAware’s Noise Monitoring Sensors allows you to have an insight to the well-being of your property without interfering with your guests’ privacy. If your guests wind up being too loud, NoiseAware allows you to get involved and ensure the safety of your property as well as your neighborhood.

Do You Know The Simple Trick For Your Towels/ Washcloths To Stay Clean?

This might look like a random tip to you, but doesn’t every host struggle with the same issue? Of course, towels are loved by everyone. They look fresh, clean, and add that resort vibe to our vacation rentals.

But sadly, most of the time, our white towels that are fine won’t stay white . It only takes one guest to wash their makeup off with your pristine towel to destroy it.

Ever wondered how to keep your washcloths clean and makeup-free from guests washing their faces? It is something you wished you thought of before all of the trips to the store for replacement towels!

The answer: black wash clothes. Monogrammed them with”MakeUp” to ensure your visitors reach for the black towels instead of your white ones.

Do you allow pets on your vacation rental?

Who doesn’t love to travel with their pets? Pet-friendly vacation rentals are on the rise. According to, 42 percent of pet owners around the world would choose their accommodation based on the fact of whether they could bring their pets.

As vacation rentals typically offer more space than a simple hotel room, it makes them far more desirable for pet owners if you’re searching for a place to stay. So why not change your rules and allow pets at your property?

While allowing pets at your property might mean more work for you, just think about all of the new bookings you are getting.

If you are worried that someone is going to bring a pack of animals, set a limit on the number of pets and their weight limitation, to make you feel more comfortable. Some hosts ask for a picture of the pets before the stay, so they have an idea of what sort of pet will be at their property.

In Case You Showcase Your Outdoor Space To Increase Bookings?

An increasing number of travelers are opting for health-focused vacations. A report from the Global Wellness Insitute found that health tourism is now a booming $639 Billion market. You want to highlight things that will help people calmly relax when staying at your property!

Have a pool or a spa in your backyard? Make certain that you showcase it on all of the booking platforms! Create a little wellness oasis in our backyard that guests will love and never want to leave again.

Make sure that you get some high-quality outdoor furniture that offers enough space for everybody to sit down or lay down by the pool. You also want to supply some pool towels and consider having an outdoor kitchen area where they can grill food without leaving the relaxing space you have created.

Do You Include Luxury Items On Your Vacation Rental?

Don’t we all love to experience a little more luxury when we’re on vacation? Spending a bit more money upfront to spend in a few luxury items for your guests will make a huge difference. Don’t worry, we don’t want you to break your bank account but here are a few suggestions on items you might want to consider getting for the vacation rental:

  • Nespresso coffee machines
  • Ninja or VitaMix blenders
  • Tempurpedic mattresses
  • Stainless Steel range stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves

Ultimately, having all of these products on your rental will not increase your bookings but will offer your guests the ideal vacation experience they can get.

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Essential Tips On Making Money Off Vacation Rentals

Whether you are talking about short-term accommodations on Airbnb or traditional seasonal lodgings, vacation rentals are more popular today than they have ever been. Travelers appreciate the freedom vacation rentals award their schedules and their pockets.

Vacation rental property owners, on the other hand, are interested by the cash flow advantage short-term rentals have over their longer-term counterparts. At the very least, vacation rentals can charge a premium for their services. That is, of course, if their owners know how to make money on vacation rental property.


It is entirely possible for a vacation rental property to be profitable if the appropriate steps are taken. In order to increase your odds of realizing vacation rental success, try staying as accurate as you can to the following tips:

  • Pick The Right Location
  • Choose Your Property Form
  • Make Smart Upgrades
  • List Your Property
  • Market Your Property
  • Cater For Your Guests

Choose The Right Location

The area in which a vacation rental is located is the single most influential performance indicator. It’s the home’s location that’ll most likely draw tenants into the property–not the other way around. Therefore, vacation rental property investors will first need to determine where they want to invest before they even begin acquiring assets.

It is entirely reasonable to suspect that the location of a short-term rental will play an integral role in its profit potential, which begs the question: What dictates a fantastic location? Even better, what do investors need to search for in a market to make a purchase with confidence?

While there are countless things to look for in the perfect vacation rental property location, there are two universal factors that must be taken into consideration:

Profitable Market

Before purchasing a vacation rental, prospective investors need to determine the health of the market. A market analysis, in particular, can go a long way in telling you a whole lot about what to expect from a location.

Using a combination of historical and current data, proceed to evaluate each aspect of the community. Doing so should reveal price trends that can help determine your own property’s potential.

Consider a range of factors: property prices, sale price improvements, property characteristics and the overall neighborhood.

Close To Attractions

Vacation rentals are no exception to the golden rule of real estate: location, location, location. Where a vacation rental is located is nothing less than pivotal for its success.

That said, a fantastic spot for a vacation rental isn’t exactly the same as a traditional rental. Whereas long-term rentals often rely on traditional fundamentals, the short-term nature of vacation rentals requires something more.

Today’s best vacation rentals, in particular, are the direct result of their close proximity to popular destinations. Vacation rentals near popular attractions are likely to remain in service and profitable.

Choose Your Property Type

Short-term vacation rentals aren’t solely relegated to the stereotypical log cabins and beach-front luxury homes that grace magazine covers. In fact, a vacation rental has less to do with the type of home, and much more to do with the standard duration of its leases.

As a result, vacation rentals can consist of just about any type of home; the majority of them, however, fit into at least one of three categories:

  • Condominiums
  • Single-Family Detached Home
  • Multifamily Property
  • Make Smart Upgrades

Rehabbing a vacation rental isn’t as simple as making a few upgrades here and there. It is not sufficient to make upgrades for the sake of making upgrades, either.

Instead, vacation rental owners will need to make the right upgrades, or those that coincide with the best return on investment (ROI). Every upgrade has to be made with a single goal in mind: to add value to the property. Therefore, choose the upgrades to your vacation rental wisely.

Not all upgrades are created equal, which begs the question: What upgrades should you make on your vacation rental? The answer will reveal itself with a quick look at nearby”comps”.

Your competitors will dictate the upgrades necessary for the home to remain competitive. More specifically, however, any upgrades you make to a vacation rental should be done with the intention of making it slightly better than similar homes nearby. That way, your home will stand out from the competition.

Again, don’t make upgrades for the sake of making upgrades. Doing so will likely result in wasting your time and money. Then, don’t proceed to update your home. Spending too much on various projects will also detract from your line. To make smart upgrades, simply see what your competitors have in their own homes and make your individual amenities slightly better.

List Your Property

Not unlike a traditional rental property, vacation rentals have to be marketed to the broadest audience possible. The more people that see the listing, the more likely it is to be leased to a short-term tenant.

Therefore, if you want to avoid vacancies and operate a profitable vacation rental, you will have to list your home on as many outlets as possible. Below you will find some of the best places to list your vacation rental:

Airbnb: As perhaps the most popular platform, Airbnb lets you rent out your vacation property to tourists looking for alternatives to expensive, corporate hotels.

VRBO: Otherwise known as Vacation Rental by Owner, VRBO is an online classified site where vacation owners advertise their property so tourists looking in that area can see it.

Hotel Program: Some hotel management companies will allow you to purchase a condo or room in their facility and rent the space out whenever it isn’t being used.

Market Your Property

Listing your vacation rental on online portals is just one step of the marketing process, albeit a huge one. It’s far from the only thing you’ll need to do if you want to avoid vacancies at the most important times of the year.

In fact, you could argue that a vacation rental is just as good as the marketing strategy used to announce its existence to potential renters. If you’re serious about maximizing your vacation rental property’s potential, look into marketing your asset in more ways than one.

In addition to the online portals I mentioned above (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), your rental property should also be on:

  • Your Own Site
  • Each Social Media Platform
  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Trulia

As far as offline marketing strategies, it is always helpful for vacation rental owners to place signs on their physical properties. If the home is in a good location and a popular area, it should get enough foot traffic to generate interest. The sign should indicate the home is available to rent and give onlookers the necessary contact information.

In the event you are currently looking for a more passive investment, try hiring a third-party property management company; they will do all the marketing for you.

In fact, a good property manager is going to do their best to stop your vacation rental from moving without tenants. Of course, their services will cost a percentage of the rent that is generated, but the peace of mind is often well worth the added cost.

Cater To Your Guests

Of course, the process of finding tenants only represents half the battle; once you have found them, you will have to keep them. That’s where the final step to making a vacation rental property profitable comes in: catering to the guests.

To be able to run a successful vacation rental, you will want to make each and every guest happy with their stay. Not unlike quality customer service, hosts will need to cater to their guests so as to generate goodwill.

Do what you can to give them everything they need. Anticipate their needs by offering linens, food, wine, and anything else they might expect to see in their own home.

Perhaps you could even go above and beyond by offering them a guide to the city or a bicycle to view it on. Doing so, at the very least, will lead to happy tenants–tenants that are more inclined to come back and refer the home to others.


Learning how to make money on vacation rental property can be a tricky endeavor if you are new to the business. However, the days of trial and error are long gone.

These days, there are several steps investors can take to increase their odds of running a profitable vacation rental–namely, everything listed above.

Interior Design Panama City Beach Vacation rentals

Interior Design Tips To Get More Bookings On Your Vacation Rental

As a host, you are surely aware of the fact that first impressions are everything in the vacation rental business . If your rental doesn’t look warm and inviting, you will probably have difficulties getting positive reviews needed to encourage more bookings.

Vacation rental interior design has a big impact on the amount of inquiring guests as well as on bookings you get. You may be the very best and most attentive host and still don’t see the fruits of your labor on your profits. If that’s the case, you should consider redesigning your space to make it stand out from the crowd of numerous listings.

Even though it sounds simple, furnishing and decorating your rental so that it looks inviting and is able to withstand wear and tear can be a challenging task. We put together a list of useful tips that will assist you refresh your interior so that you get more reservations and many repeat guests.

Great Tips to Update Your Vacation Rental Interior Design

Add a personal touch

The most common mistake vacation rental hosts make is decorating their rentals with furniture and artwork that can be bought at any large retail store. This is what creates an uninviting and unwelcoming atmosphere, making the interior look’.’ What you need to focus on instead is providing your vacation rental a personal touch to make it feel more comfy.

In addition to making your space look more inviting, you can also leave a welcome note for your guests. Composing a welcome letter for your guests will help shape an exceptional first impression and characterize you as a thoughtful and attentive host.

Portray the area through design

You don’t have to commit a whole lot of money in the interior design; smart investments in your rental will make it seem more appealing and encourage inquirers to book with you. You can add unique details such as artwork made by local artists to make it authentic. Rely on colors and patterns that portray the area to emphasize the local experience you’re offering to your visitors.

Combine styles and colors

Eclecticism is what today’s interior design trends are all about. Combining several styles and mixing and matching colors is what gives an interior the uniqueness you will need for making your rental stand out.

However, if you are not an interior designer or design aficionado, you need to follow one style and stick with it when decorating your rental. There’s a thin line between diverse and chaotic design, thus you need to be careful when adding details and combining colors.

Avoid leaving the walls blank

Decorating with artwork doesn’t have to be costly. Flea markets are great places where you can find unusual, eye-catching art pieces that are very affordable and look magnificent when combined with contemporary furniture.

Get rid of the mess

Probably the most important tip regarding vacation rental interior design is keeping the clutter under control. As explained above, you should avoid leaving the walls blank, however, make sure not to exaggerate with decorative things, plants, and even artwork. It is better to have empty spaces around the room than to have each inch filled with small or big details.

Equip your rental with all the necessary amenities and make sure to regularly update your vacation rental inventory checklist. That way you can know the exact state of what in your home and prevent yourself from cluttering it with unnecessary things.

Invest in durable and comfortable furniture

Investing in quality furniture that can withstand wear and tear is a smart investment that will ensure that your place looks attractive for years to come. If you cannot afford expensive furniture at the present time, make sure you secure the basics first. Invest in quality linens and blankets, and sturdy furniture (at least a few pieces).

Make furniture arrangements

Instead of just filling rooms with furniture, create a comfy layout that allows guests to use the space effectively. Arrange the furniture in a way that allows a natural flow of traffic in rooms.

Decorate with houseplants

Leafy plants add a homey touch to any space. Consider decorating your rental with easy to maintain, leafy plants. The more attractive your vacation rental looks, the easier it’ll be for you to maintain a high occupancy rate during the year.

Pick comfortable light colors

Nothing makes people more relaxed and comfortable than warm interior lighting. A small investment such as warm-colored light bulbs will guarantee your guests feel carefree after a long day of exploring the area. Strategically place table and floor lamps around rooms so that they are useful and decorative at the same time.

Focus on the details

Remembering the little details such as leaving extra cushions and hangers or placing carefully arranged flowers in a vase at the entryway or on the living room table is a great way to display your thoughtful side and make your guest welcome.

Invest in Vacation Rental Design

Whether you are completely renovating your rental or you simply wish to refresh your interior, it’s important that you take these tips into consideration to improve the overall guest experience. Attractive vacation rental interior design will make your place more noticeable and memorable.

As a vacation rental owner, you already know that each detail counts, so focus on the small things that will inspire inquirers to book with you again and again.

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Make Your Vacation Rental More Eye Catching With These Tips

You’ve chosen to place your hard-earned money into a rental property to spend a few weeks or months of the year at. Perhaps you invested as a means to make an extra income. To you it looks amazing, and if you didn’t own it, you would rent it in a heartbeat.

But for some reason, you are unable to find the right tenants — whether it’s for long or short term. These ten suggestions and tips can help you make your rental property more appealing to future renters.

Put Some Function into the Outside of Your Rental Property

If you have a condo, there is very little you can really do. But if you are trying to rent out a stand-alone family home, there are many things to consider.

Make sure that you have a well cut lawn, some flowers, and that the façade is clean and painted. The exterior is the first impression, and it needs to be kept clean and tidy to attract potential customers.

Provide Lots of Windows for Natural Sunlight

Everybody wants natural sunlight, especially in a warm and sunny place like Panama City Beach, Hilton Head and Dustin. If your place doesn’t have enough windows, make sure you hang light-fabric curtains that allow light in and paint your walls white.

This will help reflect the sunlight and make the place brighter, even if windows are a problem. When you invest try searching for a place that will give plenty of natural light with plenty of windows.

Hang a New Shower Curtain and Regular Curtains

If your shower or window curtains look worn out, it will come across as if you don’t care about the place. When you’re about to start showing your home around, upgrade these things. It is easy and cheap to replace curtains and will give your home a new and fresh feel. A bright shower curtain in small places can also accent the bathroom and make it more attractive.

Replace Old Appliances

Nobody wants to rent a fully-equipped kitchen with old appliances. It’s best to invest in new items that will make your home more contemporary and appealing. It also increases the value of your rental property. Whatever you have that does work, make sure that you always keep it clean and tidy to give a homey vibe throughout the kitchen.

If you’ve got appliances that are starting to turn yellow, clean them or coat them in something new so the house doesn’t look torn down from time.

Use Natural Colors

Vibrant colors are great in certain strategic places, but many people will get thrown off by overpowering colors. Keeping a neutral color palette with certain highlights during will appeal to almost anyone.

It also gives the ability to the long-term tenant to decorate without having to match their furniture or decorations to the bright colors of your home.

Stage Your Place for More Appeal

If you are doing short-term or vacation rentals, bring in a couple of fine pillows for the sofa and fresh flowers. Provide water, drinks or snacks for your guests. This also works for when you’re showing your place around, so that people are excited about something additional to looking at properties.

Adding a few extras can take you a long way. It shows that you care as a landlord and that is worth a lot from the rental game.

Clean Up Before Showing Your House

The worst thing you could do is show a messy and dirty house. After seeing the outside, the second chance you get to impress your potential clients is the moment they walk inside. Make sure everything is clean, shiny and tidy.

Clean out the garbage bins before any showing, as well. Don’t forget the windows! They tend to get dirty due to the dust, so make sure they’re cleaned both on the inside and out.

Offer Extra Perks and Benefits

If you are in desperate need of renters (whether it’s for vacation or long-term) and you have done everything listed here, you can start offering extra perks and benefits. For vacation rentals you can offer a night for free after renting for 3 nights.

For long-term you can do a discount in the first month of rent. You can also offer benefits such as offering bicycles, park passes, maps, and other items that will attract guests.

Remove the Clutter

Any clutter from the house that is unnecessary should be removed. Guests need a clean space to look through. Anything that you think they won’t need (and you won’t need when staying at your property), you can get rid of. The less stuff you have in your house, the less you need to put into inventory and take care of if broken or damaged.

Work with a Property Manager for Advertising

Some owners just don’t have the necessary resources to find the right renters. With the right property manager, you will have much better luck finding qualified vacation renters and long-term tenants. They will also take care of everything that renting out a property requires, while all you need to do is cash your checks back home.

If you are ready to start looking into investment properties, we have plenty on offer during the Riviera Maya and Mexico. Get in contact with one of our Buyer’s Representatives and they will find the perfect rental property for you.

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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips For Vacation Rental Owners

The role of renting a property to vacationers is to make money. The most effective way to do that is to let as many people about your venture as possible. Various approaches will work, but you have to be consistent with the marketing program.

A one-time shot in the arm will not keep bookings coming your way. Develop a plan to promote the property and work out the kinks before opening for business.

Different low-budget strategies can be utilized once you have ownership of a property. You have to market the rental vigorously if you expect to make a profit. The first important matter should be obtaining a professional website.

Different sites around the internet will have a template for the do-it-yourselfer, but if you can afford to hire a web designer to customize it, you are ahead of the game..

Build a Web Site For Your Vacation Home and Use Your Blog To Drive Website Visitors

Develop your own website and use your blog to drive traffic to the site. Create useful information that potential guests will find interesting and helpful. Post to the blog often so that it does not become stale. Always include photographs.

Potential guests like to see what and where they will be staying. Give potential clients information about the area, the best places to go, things to do, information about you, and any enticements that will make people want to visit. Always be truthful because the more reviews you can garner, the more bookings you are going to have.

Hire a Search Engine Optimization Company To Improve Your Google Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor in creating your site. Without it, you will not be noticed among the myriad competitors, who have developed winning strategies.

Try googling the different ways to determine the keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Create a list of target words prior to writing your blog so that you will maximize the amount of visitors that will view it.

Build an Email List To Promote Your Vacation Rental To Guests and Subscribers

Generate an email list from personal contacts, your readers, or former guests of your vacation property. Use a template from a service, such as MailChimp, and create a campaign to send out personalized newsletters to your email list.

Updated information about your rental may remind former guests of the wonderful time they had, or it may offer new information to travelers who have not considered any rental other than a hotel.

You can motivate your guests to book again with promotions and giveaways. The goal here is to create loyalty and get as many direct bookings and repeat guests as you can.

Promote Your Vacation Rental on Facebook & Instagram

A large percentage of individuals use social media regularly. Classify your rental property by the personality you create, such as”sparkling home from the sea” or”centrally located historical brownstone.”

It will draw more attention than the dull description, “two bedrooms, sleeps four.” If you do not already have various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or others, now is the time to do it.

Try for positive reviews by being the best host or hostess imaginable. Provide the basics, such as bed and bath linens, cookware, dishes, silverware, and toiletries. Always be clear about what guests must provide for themselves. Everything should be in working order, and the device should be sparkling clean and fresh.

Pay For High-Quality Photography Of Your Rental For Your Site and Social Media Promotions

A beautifully showcased rental should have quality photographs that highlight the property’s best features. Guests can be finicky, so pull out all the stops when it comes to comfort, convenience, and visual appeal. If you are featuring a rustic cabin, you may be going for a minimalist appearance or an idyllic cabin-in-the-woods type of rental.

Guests that are searching for that particular style will be able to observe each amenity it does or does not have. If you are featuring a beach cottage, let the scenery and decoration represent that.

A rental that is touted as upscale should have furnishings, appliances, design, and decor that would be indicative of luxury. The point is to be true to whatever the characteristics of the property are.

Get Referrals By Build Relationships With Business Owners In Your Area

Local enterprises can be a valuable asset. Supporting and interacting with them is good business for the two of you. Develop a rapport with local resorts. They may recommend your rental if they cannot accommodate a guest, and you can do likewise.

Interact with former and potential guests through social media platforms. If you live near your rental and have a hands-on approach, your personality and willingness to be helpful with small issues may go a long way toward ensuring repeat clients. You want them to rave about you in their reviews.

Create Guest Loyalty By Making Their Stay More Enjoyable

When guests arrive at your rental, they will appreciate some form of manual with information to make their stay more enjoyable.

Details that they may not need to understand at a hotel will become important here, such as where to find the code for the world wide web, where the fire extinguisher is located, the way to regulate the thermostat, nearest hiking trails, restaurants that deliver, and any other information that you deem pertinent to helping them have a favorable vacation.

Stand Out From the Competition With Professional Drone Videos

One of the easiest ways to stand out from the competition is to spend money in professional and high-quality drone videography. Let’s face it, people love videos! It will give your potential guests a bird’s eye view of the property and location, before booking it. If your location is good, guests are likely to book your property on location alone.

Videos of your vacation rental are an affordable way to stand out from your competitors and drive direct bookings. Hiring a local video production company to film drone videos and even photography is well worth the investment.

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Great Tips On Making Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Vacation rentals such as VRBO represent a huge trend in the way that people travel away from home. Many travelers even avoid hotels altogether, preferring the coziness of renting an independently owned home.

To learn how to exactly make your customers’ stays more enjoyable and inviting, consider the following five tips. Some of the tips, like setting clear expectations, may surprise you.

Leave Visitors with Helpful Instructions

Because your VRBO is going to be a home away from home for people who rent it, you’ll want to make sure they know how to get the most out of their vacation, from the WiFi password to where the extra towels are located.

One of the best ways to deliver this information is with a packet that includes:

  • WiFi password
  • Washer and dryer instructions, if applicable
  • Anything you would like renters to be aware of, like quiet times in the community
  • A list of your favorite restaurants and shops
  • Recommendations for activities
  • Where to find additional linens
  • Any quirks about the home

This packet can be emailed to the renters in advanced or left in a central location within the rental.

Go Above And Beyond for Your Guests

You don’t always have to work hard to go above and beyond for vacation renters. Small touches are hugely appreciated, and you can choose special additions that complement your home.

Think about what would put a smile on your own face and use that as inspiration. Fresh baked cookies add an inviting touch to any rental, small toiletries are always welcome (save them from your hotel stays, then use them for your VRBO guests), or provide board games.

Don’t Forget To Decorate Your VRBO

Vacationers rent independent homes for a variety of reasons, including the desire to feel at home even if they’re away. With that in mind, it is smart to add comfy, homey touches to your home’s interior design.

Soft blankets, throw pillows artwork, cozy area rugs and other design details can make an otherwise barren rental incredibly inviting.

Stock the Kitchen Everything Guests Need To Cook

Another great benefit of renting vacation homes is access to a full kitchen, and your guests will certainly appreciate having all of the tools they need to cook a delicious meal. Make sure to include the following on your VRBO:

  • Pots and pans
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Plates and bowls
  • Silverware
  • Drinkware, such as coffee mugs and wine glasses
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Coffee maker and tea kettle

Spices and condiments are also great to have stocked. Don’t forget to include everything guests will need for clean up, too!

Set Clear Expectations for Your VRBO Guests

Have you ever visited someone’s home and felt unsure about what to do or how to act? This is especially common in vacation rentals where the guests are renting a room in an occupied home, but expectations are helpful regardless.

Establish specific check-in and check-out times, outline any behavior and cleanliness expectations, and simply be clear about anything you would like your guests to know. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but both you and your renters will appreciate the candor.

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Tips On Pricing Your Vacation Rentals During the COVID 19 Recovery

Bookings are beginning to recover steadily. According to AirDNA, vacation rentals bookings skyrocketed by 127% after reaching the lowest point in late April.

While the restoration is on the way, it is hard to just use the same nightly rates you place for your vacation rentals before COVID19.

The way to price your vacation rentals at the right level and strike a balance between occupancy and revenue is harder than ever. In this article, we’ll discuss some crucial things to note and share our recommendations.

Why is it hard to price your vacation rentals after the coronavirus pandemic?

Pricing a vacation rental is always a blend of science and art. If you price your vacation rentals too high, you won’t be able to sell your room. If your rate is lower than average, you will miss out the profit or even suffer a loss.

The coronavirus pandemic has just added more complexity. We see a slip in bookings from March until April. Stepping into May, however, bookings start to recuperate.

But how to establish the ideal rate to take advantage of the recovery is still like an experiment for many vacation rental managers. After all, the uncertainty of whether there will be a second wave still exists. This makes it more difficult for property managers and hosts to set their pricing strategy.

What should be considered when setting the price?

Domestic travelers have different price acceptance levels. Resources say that booking are yo 65.8% for travel in the same nation, up from 25% in pre-COVID19 time. The demand for international travel will continue to change to domestic travel.

As such, property managers should take note that the acceptance of price levels for individuals from different countries are varied. For example, guests from the US are inclined to spend more than their Spanish counterparts.

If you are in charge of vacation homes in Spain, you may want to set a lower price this year to attract domestic holiday seekers.

Travelers are more prudent in spending

Because of job loss or a more uncertain economy, travelers are, in general, more prudent in spending even if they are eager to travel again. So you may price your short term rentals in a competitive way. It’s better to start at a lower price than last year.

That said, if you are not going to have a price cut in your pricing strategy, it’s good to highlight the free extras or amenities you provide.

Length of stay will be longer

According to booking data, people are booking for 4.6 nights average before COVID and now 5.6 nights. With a longer length of stay, you could think about adjusting your daily rate or offer a discount to attract guests.

New COVID cleaning logistics are required

Travelers’ expectations of cleaning and disinfection are much higher. All the extra cleaning work should not be forgotten in your own expenses. Price your holiday rentals in a way to reflect the cost or simply add it as a cleaning fee in your listing.

Assess your competitors’ rates

One thing that holds true no matter whether there is Coronavirus or not is to do your research and check how much your competitors charge for rentals similar to yours. Keep yourself competitive at all times.


With many nations gradually opening their borders, the bookings should come back steadily. Having the right pricing strategy will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors

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Learn How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Your vacation rental property is always in competition to secure bookings. So, you will need to think about how to make your vacation rental stand out and shine above the rest.

Fortunately for you, there are five areas that you can work on now, that will assist your vacation rental property make an impact straight away.

These vacation rental tips for owners will start making you see your business in a completely different way.

Clearly Define And Understand Your Market

It is critically important that you understand the market you are currently working in. Only then can you offer your guests precisely what they want and create the perfect match.

What type of person would visit your type of property? Is there anything special about your location?

Go one step further and use data-driven market analysis that can compare your property to others in the same area. These tips can help your business set the right prices at the right time.

Understand The Needs Of Your Guests

Like any business, you must understand the needs of your visitors, and you will need to understand how to make your vacation rental stand out.

There is no point in having a vacation rental that does not match what your guests want. You might think you are handling it but you might be entirely off the mark.

Assess your popular competitors and see what they offer their guests and follow suit.

  • Use a booking system that is fast and easy-to-use for your visitors.
  • Make sure your property is clean and vet any cleaning staff regularly.
  • Pamper them with luxury bathroom products, a welcome basket, beautiful bedding.
  • A thank you email to thank them for their stay.

Guests want to stay somewhere where they can relax and feel good. They want to feel special, and a little gratitude can go a long way.

If you go the extra mile and use these vacation rental tips for owners, your guests will love you! They will book again with you and feel more inclined to tell their family and friends, who are all new potential customers for you.

Make The Stay Of Your Guests Seamless

The golden rule is that your guests have the best possible experience. They are taking a holiday/vacation, and their primary mission is to relax. They have worked hard for this moment.

Create a checklist for your guests and use it to give them the best possible service.

  • Do you provide a smooth check-in and check-out system for your guests?
  • Is there a contact available 24/7, in case of emergencies?
  • Use a Visitors book. This book is a great way to gather positive/negative info
  • Provide house rules and other info in a Welcome Book.
  • Leave a starter pack (bread, butter, milk, fruit, toilet roll, chocolates).
  • Remember to leave info about security measures, so they have peace of mind.

Decorate Your Property The Right Way

Instead of thinking about how to increase my vacation income, start thinking differently. Think about how you can decorate your property to attract guests and more business.

Choose A Cool Color Scheme

You don’t have to go all-out 1970s retro. However, you need to make your property look attractive and exciting. Look at your current color scheme, is it screaming rent me?

A lick of paint can do wonders to freshen up a property and add some life and make your vacation rental stand out. Be daring, be beautiful! Find the ideal color to excite your guests.

Update Your Furniture

Think about all the people that rent your property each year. That constant wear and tear can take its toll on your furniture.

Use the low season to critically assess your beds and sofas and replace them if needed, so your renters can actually relax.

Think About The Latest Trends

Immersive Experiences

Millennials are always on the lookout for immersive experiences. These YOLO (you only live once) renters are searching for action!

Buddy up with some local attractions and activities. You can advertise popular attractions and exciting activities at your rental property, offering a discount for your guests. You know the interest is there, so capitalise on it.

Go High-Tech — Ready For The Future

The Hospitality Survey Results for 2019 from The Distinguished Guest, found that 40% of property managers are using a Digital guide book. Get on the bandwagon and go digital.

Take A Look At Social Media

You don’t have to miss out. Check travel forums on the internet and social media to find out what people are talking about, so you know how to increase vacation rental bookings.

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Tips On Hiring The Correct Vacation Rental Property Manager

Are you planning to use your second home as a vacation rental to make extra income? Maybe you’re renting it out yourself on Airbnb and feel overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks. If so, hiring a vacation rental property manager could be the best personal and financial decision you make.

However, you don’t want just anyone managing your Airbnb or vacation home. Finding and hiring the ideal vacation rental manager will save you countless headaches and increase the net value of your home in the long term. You want a company that takes care of every detail you can imagine without locking you into an exclusive long-term contract.

Why You Need to Hire the Right Vacation Rental Manager Over Just Any Vacation Rental Manager

When you look at the time, energy, and money involved in managing a vacation rental–it’s easy to see how quickly it can become a second job. An owner who manages their vacation rental themselves spends on average 30 hours a month on marketing, cleaning, property maintenance and upkeep, handling reservations, and restocking toiletries.

Full-service management companies, such as Vacasa, will handle everything while earning you more revenue. This includes the marketing and rental logistics like promoting your home, pricing it accurately, confirming reservations, regularly inspecting the property’s condition, and providing professional, local 24/7 guest service.

Don’t settle for less than the best for your home and your peace of mind. The ideal vacation rental manager is part marketing genius, part data scientist, and part concierge. They’re also a good neighbor, with risk-screening processes in place to help keep your property, your community, and your guests safe.

Indicators of a good vacation rental property manager

With many vacation rental managers advertising similar services, it is difficult to know which are better just by looking at their websites. Consider the following when narrowing your choices.

The size of their staff and their rental portfolio

A vacation rental manager with a sizable portfolio probably has a fantastic rapport with homeowners and understands the basics of successful vacation rental management.

But, portfolio size can be misleading. They might manage a good deal of homes, but may not have enough staff for 24/7 guest support. This is crucial during peak season when turnaround time between bookings is much shorter. Otherwise, it could cause negative reviews.

You want a vacation rental manager who can appropriately scale their staff and operations to be on site at a moment’s notice. At Vacasawe use predictive analytics to staff our professional local teams based on market demand, whether it’s during peak season or for a huge conference during the slow season. Every home and guest gets the best individual care before and during every stay.

Their knowledge of digital marketing and online booking channels

Competition for bookings is fierce. Airbnb and have over 32 million property listings alone. There could be dozens–maybe hundreds–of similar rentals in your market booking on the same night with better listings, better prices, and better reviews.

Your vacation rental manager should know booking channels work and how to maximize your listings so they stand above the crowd. They should also be on more than a few websites.

Do a quick search on Airbnb and Vrbo for their properties. If you can’t find them, or they don’t show up before the second or third page of search results, you need to look elsewhere.

Vacation rental property management contracts and fees

How much are vacation rental property management fees?

Depending upon the location and breadth of services, vacation rental property management fees can range from 12% to 50% of your rental income.

The biggest trap is settling for a vacation rental manager who promises higher short-term returns for a lower management fee. While fees may feel like a much better deal, you usually wind up paying much more in fees for additional services, and a great peak season doesn’t mean much if your home is vacant for the rest of the year.

Contracts are a pain point for many vacation homeowners because of the above scenario. A year-long contract with a manager who can only book 4 months of the year is a net negative, plus the operational costs and safety concerns of bringing external vendors into your home to clean the carpets or fix the A/C.

When looking at your budget, consider the long-term benefits of hiring a full-service vacation rental manager who can do it all and provide hotel-quality services that guests expect. If you plan on selling your vacation rental, a full booking calendar can help justify a higher asking price.