Essential Tips To Increasing Vacation Rental Bookings

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No matter the season or weather, there are more and more people seeking a perfect getaway from their mundane and dull routines. If you own a property or a vacation home that is meticulously designed for rental, you have to enlist it adequately so that you can increase the bookings and have lucrative outcomes. This could be harder than it sounds, but not impossible as it takes a lot of digging into what makes people more attracted to a certain place and how to attract them to your vacation home.

If you strive to increase your bookings, you want to keep up with the contemporary and up-to-day amenities, offerings, and visual experiences that many guests will look forward to.

Due to the booming advancement of travel styles, you must follow up with new and exciting ways that will increase your bookings. Here is a list of the seven most vital ways to get the most of your vacation rental offerings.

Incorporate Genuine and Updated Photos and Description

Your guests will need to be aware of what you have installed for them. To increase the vacation rental booking of your property, you need to give your future guest a clear visualization of the house or flat. First of all, don’t take pictures from a distance, and always make certain that you take images from each and every angle possible. Strive to upload quality photos on the profile because they will look more appealing to travelers.

Photographs of homes taken by professional gear will stand out from all others. Use a high-resolution camera to show off clear light and take beautiful images of the interior and exterior. Think about the layout, the angle, and how the photos will be assembled on the website.

You want to lead your potential guest through your home diligently and accurately. If you have done some renovations or improvements to the rental property, make sure that you update the profile and show the potential guests what changes you have made.

When it comes to the description, always update regularly and be concise and truthful. By having detailed descriptions of the vacation home and the sights and building around it, your guest can have a clear visualization of what they can expect. From a newly open bar to a top-notch restaurant, everything matters.

Advertise Effectively

One of the best and easiest ways to skyrocket your vacation rental bookings is to increase the amount of Internet vacation rental sites and web pages where you want your listing to be viewed. People today need to know where you are and what you have to offer; therefore, it is crucial to be out there.

First, you should head to the most popular websites. Airbnb is extremely popular nowadays, and it offers a 3% fee per booking with a free listing policy for all rentals. This a small investment compared to what you can gain with this. Next, you must visit the biggest vacation rental site, HomeAway. They offer a free-to-list option but with a higher booking fee of 10%. Not such a high percentage, because they will surely help you attract more visitors.

In the long run, you can always resort to social media. Setting up a specifically designated Facebook account for your rental services is the cheapest way to increase your vacation rental bookings. To attract more followers, offer great deals, discounts, bargains, and post apocalyptic photos of your rental home.

Invest in Interior Updates

If you happen to own a vacation home in a mesmerizing location, near some renowned monument, on a strenuous mountain, or anywhere touristy for that matter, people will click on your ad just because of the location and their demands. However, they should be wowed by your interior rather than exterior since many people seek comfortability, efficient amenities, and enticing décor.

The kitchen is the place where many families spend their time. Invest in quality appliances with a very long lifespan. A fantastic cooker and a fridge are a must. Plus, many enjoy drinking good coffee in the morning because coffee can fight off depression and uplift our spirits. So having a Blue Pod Coffee machine, for example, is another must-have appliance.

Having a quality coffee machine will attract more tourists who enjoy freshly brewed coffee. You want to make the kitchen an inviting space, so if necessary, replace the dated kitchen cabinets with new and enticing ones, change the doorknobs, and update the tiles.

Remodel your interior by adding cutting edge appliances, repainting the walls with fresh and inviting colors, and getting refined and sophisticated furniture. Always seek to be original and innovative. Search for some alluring décor. Go for a rustic chandelier instead of plain plastic ones, or get ornamental rugs or funky floor cushions for the living area. If you contribute to the long-term value of your vacation home and emphasize the unique characteristics, you’ll have a larger increase in listing appeal.

Let the Word Spread

Reviews can make or break your vacation rental. By treating your guests with respect, immaculate care, and trust, not only will they come back, but they might recommend your vacation home to numerous other people. If you have satisfied guests, they can serve as a great advertising tool.

If you put enough focus on the guest experience, you can easily generate positive feedback that leads to more bookings, and automatically to higher occupancy rates. A fantastic word of mouth can go distances, so ask all of your satisfied visitors to make and post a comment on listing sites. Encourage them to write about their full experience and stay, even if they may have had some negative issues.

What is more, you need to regularly check and respond to your home’s reviews, no matter whether they are good or bad. Of course, positive reviews can only serve you. And when it comes to negative ones, attempt to address them with care and specify that you’d enhance the issue for next time.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple’thank you’, a friendly smile, and’I hope you have a good stay’ to make guests recommend your vacation home. Do your best to remain professional and friendly once you are communicating with your guests, and do whatever is in your power to make them feel welcomed and safe. Nobody want to return back to a vacation home where the proprietor was grumpy and unprofessional. So, put a smile on your face and stay open-minded.

Implement Smart Bargains

Attempting to top up the competition can a challenging task. Another way that you can increase your rental bookings is striving to do your best to beat the competition but staying consistent with your offers. You can easily achieve that by identifying the cheapest home in your neighborhood and undercutting its price.

Just bear in mind not to make your vacation home the cheapest around, since many potential visitors may start wondering why that is so. Boost your vacation rental bookings by never being static and constantly offer interesting and smart bargains. Apart from being amongst the cheapest around, you can attract more tourists by lowering your rate.

With each new season, attempt to alter the price and offer different discounts. For instance, you can offer a 50% discount for kids under the age of 14 at the peak season, and free of charge throughout the offseason. Furthermore, offer great bargains on specific events around the area, and always remember the average price around. Another quite lucrative deal that would increase your vacation rental is currently giving discounts according to the period of the guest’s stay.